I climbed Ireland’s Holy Mountain Croagh Patrick

If you’ve made it to the summit of Croagh Patrick in County Mayo, Ireland you will know exactly why you deserve to be proud. This steep climb is hard work, but well worth it. The view from the top is unbelievable.

My family at the summit of Croagh Patrick

We climbed Croagh Patrick in August 2019. While my husband and I have done a lot of hill walking, the kids (age 4, 5 and 7) have done hardly any. So we were very proud of them for getting to the top. Even though my husband had to carry our 4 year old up the final steep ascent: she had done brilliantly until that point, but she was completely asleep by then! She woke up as he staggered over the crest of the mountain and tool all the credit though, obviously. I would definitely recommend other families to do it.

Top tips: Take A LOT of snacks and treats and be prepared to take all day. Go with friends – it really helped the children to be climbing with friends, they chatted continuously with each other all the way.Be prepared to take all day. The average climb is 3 and a half hours. It took us more than 7!

When you’ve finished, buy everyone one of my unique Mountain Merch t-shirt to prove that you climbed Ireland’s Holy Mountain – Croagh Patrick!


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